Backed by Superior Technical Support

Honeywell offers a range of services to support you and your packaging throughout the Drug Development Process. As a packaging partner, we will support you from design through production and testing, and ultimately, to launch. Our global support and technology team, comprised of experts from wide-ranging disciplines, is at your service every step of the way, directly impacting overall performance while setting you up for success. With global reach and extensive resources, you can count on unlimited supply and unhindered production schedules.

We support the entire organization and the end-user with a disciplined, strategic approach:

  • Packing operations, pharmaceutical development, marketing and all key stakeholders can trust that Honeywell Aclar Film improves user experience and visual appeal—helping retain patients while adding top-line growth.
  • Procurement can rely on lower costs due to operational efficiency.
  • The safe, secure delivery of medicine for efficacy in patient outcomes.
  • Overall brand lift due to positive patient experience.

Our global sales, marketing and technical teams’ vast experience can also assist you in saving money. By utilizing our portfolio of proprietary costing tools, we can evaluate both single drug applications and complete drug portfolios to calculate the potential cost savings you will achieve with a change in packaging platform. With our portfolio analysis tool, we can conduct an in-depth study of your packaging operations across multiple sites and packaging lines to help in your analysis of plant rationalization and consolidation.