Right and Fast

Honeywell Aclar film is the benchmark in secure and dependable protection for your pharmaceutical products.

Honeywell helps workforces perform more efficiently and productively across the globe, inspiring confidence

no matter the circumstances or requirements. From the field to the shelf, we deliver an exceptional

experience you can count on. We live by a mantra of meeting our commitments, ‘right and fast’.

  • Honeywell Aclar Film delivers 25% greater clarity for superior visual appeal. (25% greater clarity)
  • The extended shelf life of your package ensures greater longevity in market.
  • Higher performance at elevated temperatures – 20% more moisture barrier protection – provides enhanced safety and peace of mind. (20% more moisture barrier protection)

Honeywell’s ability to deliver time and again allows us to offer complete control over the supply chain, ensuring reliability and securing optimal outcomes. We remove obstacles that can get in the way of success.

Thermoforming with Aclar film may:

  • Increase packaging line speed
  • Increase packaging process efficiency
  • Increase operational flexibility

It is this commitment to quality, accountability, and safety that inspires continued confidence in Honeywell as an industry leader with comprehensive solutions and offerings.