HON Flux Paste 028 Product Range

HON Flux Paste 028
Product Range

Honeywell Fine Chemicals offers a wide, specialised range of Flux Pastes.

Main products

HON 028-55 Standard paste, well suited for applications where no magnesium materials are used
HON 028-30 Cs Cesium enhanced standard paste, well suited for applications where high magnesium materials are used
HON 028-30 Cs UV Cesium enhanced standard paste, containing a fluorescent marker to verify continues application by the automated volumetric dosing systems and for coating weight control. Requires a fluorescent detector
Flux content can be varied according to customer needs.
Non corrosive braze pastes including filler metals (Al-Si) are available on request.


Non-corrosive flux pastes made of Honeywell Potassium Fluoroaluminate (Al-Flux 2805) combined with organic carrier systems.

Main use:

Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB), Flame Brazing.

Method of Application:

Rolling, Dispense, Brush, Spray, Automated volumetric dosing systems.


  • Non-Corrosive-Flux-Pastes are classified as an irritant according to current regulations
  • Observe usual chemical handling precautions
  • Please see Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional information


As per request.


  • Honeywell Potassium Fluoroaluminate (Al-Flux 2805) is a unique multi-constituent phase material with amorphous amounts providing an exceptionally low melting temperature, allowing up to 20% extra time for full surface wetting and improved cleaning and oxide removal before filler metal melt begins. This ensures best possible braze joint preparation and filler metal flow.
  • Higher reactivity enables lower flux loading and energy savings driving eco-balance and allowing cost reduction.
Honeywell Fine Chemicals brazing fluxes can help you improve brazing performance, stabilise your brazing process, increase manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.