Potassium tetrafluoroaluminate D

Potassium tetrafluoroaluminate D


  • Non-corrosive flux Honeywell Potassium Fluoroaluminate (Al-Flux 2805).
  • Coarse Honeywell Potassium tetrafluoroaluminate D powder provides improved powder fluidity. It also provides good powder transport and reproducible feeding into the injector, where the powder is dispersed and mixed homogeneously with the carrier gas.
  • Excellent braze fillet formation. Absence of anti-caking additives which could affect joint building. Instead the free-flowing properties are achieved by a change in particle morphology, reducing particle cohesivity.
Typical Physical Properties Typical Chemical Properties (Flux)
Appearance White powder Potassium (K) 29-34%
Onset of melting (flux) 560°C Aluminium (Al) 14-18%
Particle size (d50, measured as dry powder) Coarse, >15µm Fluoride (F) 47-53%
Fluidity test (flowmeter funnel) Runs under gravity freely through an orifice of 25 mm


  • Improves production efficiency because flux output from the injector doesn’t fluctuate and injection rates can be well controlled in a wide range.
  • Coarse Honeywell Potassium tetrafluoroaluminate D powder increases profitability and reduced post braze residue because it enables lower flux loading.

Main use

Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB).

Method of Application

  • Suitable for dry flux applications using thermal spray coating with melt bonding, or coating methods using low temperature particle attraction technologies
  • Store in closed container to prevent moisture absorption from air.
  • Before use, stir up or fluidize with carrier gas to achieve a stable powder feed into the injector.
  • Apply a thin, even coat on the cladded aluminium parts.


  • Non-corrosive flux powders are classified as an irritant according to current regulations.
  • Observe usual chemical handling precautions.
  • Please see Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional information.
Type Net Weight Dimensions
Cardboard box with handle and PE inliner 25 kg 394 x 327 x 364 mm (LxWxH)