Honeywell Spectra® fiber and ballistic composite materials – Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield® and Gold Flex® – have been trusted around the world for more than two decades. Used in a variety of applications where lightweight strength is critical, our materials can be found in bullet-resistant helmets, vests, plates and vehicles, in addition to industrial and recreational applications including rope and lifting slings, mooring lines, fishing line, sail cloth and security netting. Contact us today to identify the right solution for your unique application.
Ballistic Protection

Used in soft and hard body armor, helmets and vehicle armor, our ballistic composite materials provide superior ballistic and fragment protection performance at the lowest possible weight.

Cut Protection

Spectra fiber provides superior abrasion resistance and excellent durability for a longer useful life in protective gear, including gloves, sleeves, liners, jackets and aprons.

Fishing Line

Manufacture thinner, stronger, more sensitive and more durable lines than monofilament nylon lines. Fishing line manufacturers will find the widest variety of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fiber deniers to meet the requirements of serious anglers.


Engineered for virtually every rope and cordage requirement, Spectra fiber offers a high strength-to-size ratio and is hydrophobic and naturally buoyant, with superior chemical resistance.

Specialty Applications

Extensive in-house material R&D capabilities support the development of fibers for new applications. Lightweight strength and endurance are key areas of focus for products like high-tech fishing nets to parachutes and beyond.


Spectra fiber is performance without compromise. Whether you put it in a shirt, a pack, jacket or footwear, Spectra can offer durability and strength without sacrificing weight and comfort.

Fabrics for Plate Carriers, Vests & Packs

Made with Honeywell Spectra® fiber, Centurion performance fabric is used to create strong and durable products that are also lightweight and comfortable.

Medical Grades

Spectra Medical Grade is an ultra-high strength, ultra-lightweight polyethylene fiber manufactured through a patented gel spinning process – the first of its kind.