Spectra HT Fiber

We Invented Super-line. Now We Made It Even Better. A survey of avid anglers indicated a demand for smaller, stronger lines.* Anglers want to load more line on a smaller reel and are willing to pay premium for a thinner line. Leveraging our legacy of ballistics technology, Honeywell is building on a decade of research and innovation in fiber technology to deliver Spectra HT – a class of fibers that sets new standards in fiber tenacity, strength and size.

Spectra HT is 25 percent stronger than other UHMWPE materials of the same diameter, including traditional deniers of Spectra fiber. This strength enables new braid constructions with all-new levels of strength and size.

With improved strength, Spectra HT allows you to produce braids that are up to 30 percent smaller than those made with UHMWPE materials of comparable strength. With a thinner line, anglers will see additional reel capacity, improved casting and lower visibility.