Spectra® Fiber: All Performance, No Compromise
The thing about Spectra…it isn’t just something you put into a shirt, a pack, a jacket or footwear. It’s decades of scientists engineering ways for you to go further and reach higher. It’s a single strand that’s strong enough to protect a soldier, but light enough to float on water. It’s as comfortable and light as it’s durable and strong.

Spectra fiber is now being used to create Flak Sack, the first cut-resistant bag designed for secure travel and daily use. Designed by Loctote® Industrial Bag Company, Flak Sack employs Spectra in a unique fabric construction called FLAKnit created by Tuff-N-Lite®, a division of Supreme Corp., a leading textile and fiber technology company. You can read the press release by clicking (here), click (here) to view an infographic about this exciting new product, and click (here) to go to Loctote’s website for more details and ordering information!


DURABILITY iconA little Spectra packs a lot of punch. Pound-for-pound, Spectra fiber is 15 times stronger than steel – which is why US military and law enforcement rely on it for bullet resistant armor. With precise fabric design and engineering, Spectra delivers a remarkable resistance to tears and abrasions. And that’s precisely why Spectra gear works harder and lasts longer.

COMFORT iconUsing a better, stronger fiber doesn’t mean your fabric needs to be less comfortable. Spectra fiber is naturally cool to the touch, allowing for a more comfortable wear as it pulls heat away from the body.

Fabrics made with Spectra can be as soft and stretchy or stiff as you need. No matter the feel, Spectra fiber remains moisture-resistant.

LIGHT WEIGHT iconThe most incredible thing about Spectra fiber is how light it is, despite the strength and performance it delivers.Spectra fiber is light enough to float on water and doesn’t absorb moisture. Spectra is performance without sacrificing weight.

FLEXIBLE iconSpectra fiber is easy to blend with other natural or man-made fibers to achieve a wide range of colors and durability properties.

That flexibility also extends to the way we work with our partners to develop solutions to their application challenges. To find out how Spectra can help your application, please contact us– we are eager to hear from you!