Can I put a coating on the fiber? At what temperature?
Coatings can be put on Spectra fiber as long as you do not exceed the melting point of the fiber at 147°C.
Can Spectra be cut into short lengths?
Spectra can be cut into short lengths with special tools and ceramic blades. There are companies that provide staple-cutting services.
Can Spectra be dyed or colored?
Spectra fiber is a white fiber. The fiber or end product can be colored by adding certain coatings.
How can I get a job or internship?
Honeywell offers many exciting career opportunities. Visit the Honeywell Career Center to learn more and view available opportunities.
How does Spectra perform in low temperatures?
Spectra does well at low temperatures/sub-zero temperatures.
How much does it cost to get a sample?
Honeywell evaluates each individual sample request and provides product samples at no cost for valid business requests.
I would like to use Spectra in a university project. How can I get samples?
Please contact our representatives. Honeywell is unable to honor all requests. Our technical team assesses all university proposals before samples are provided.
Is Spectra abrasion-resistant?
Spectra has very good abrasion resistance. It has been incorporated into a variety of industrial applications for its abrasion resistance such as ropes, cut-resistant gloves and apparel, and fishing lines.
Is Spectra UV-resistant?
Spectra has better UV-resistance properties than some of the other high-performance fibers on the market.
What are the dielectric properties of Spectra?
Spectra 2.30 4
E Glass 6.00 60
Aramid 3.85 100
Quartz 3.78 2
What kind of industrial applications can Spectra be used in?
Spectra is well-suited for a variety of applications particularly rope, fishing lines, armor and cut-resistant gloves and apparel. In addition, it has been woven into clothing, used as concrete reinforcement, reinforced sporting goods equipment, tethered satellites and a variety of other applications
Which resin systems can be used with Spectra?
Depending on the intended application, virtually any resin is compatible with Spectra fibers as long as it can be applied and is curable below the melting point of Spectra (147°C).
Who can I contact to get Spectra®?