We offer a range of advanced fibers and composites for nearly every application – from high-strength industrial ropes and fishing line to helmets, body armor and vehicle armor for members of the military and law enforcement.
Spectra Fiber

Products that use Honeywell Spectra® fiber benefit from its superior strength, outstanding toughness, extraordinary visco-elastic and hydrophobic properties, and high resistance to chemicals and ultra-violet light.

Spectra Ballistic Composite Materials

Our portfolio of ballistic composite materials was developed using our patented shield technology. Products that use our ballistic composite materials – Spectra Shield®, Gold Flex® and Gold Shield® – benefit from lightweight strength and superior protection.

Spectra Centurion™ Laminate Fabric

Made with Honeywell Spectra® fiber, Centurion performance fabric is used to create strong and durable products that are also lightweight and comfortable.