Spectra Centurion™ Laminate Fabric

Made with Honeywell Spectra® fiber, Centurion performance fabric is used to create strong and durable products that are also lightweight and comfortable. Centurion composite fabric can be laser cut to reduce manufacturing costs and customized through cut-out designs and color choice. Lightweight Strength Centurion fabrics are made with Spectra® fiber, a high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. With less material required, Centurion enables design constructions that can be 35-40 percent lighter than traditional modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) web designs. Reduced weight alleviates the fatigue and stress placed on the body during wear. Comfort and Mobility Centurion fabric does not compromise, providing both comfort and performance for the wearer.  Centurion fabric-made vests can be designed to be thinner and more flexible, which provide better mobility for law enforcement officers.  Centurion plate carrier vests have improved ease of motion and are more aerodynamic.  Centurion fabric also repels water, offering advantages in rainy or damp conditions. Durability Centurion fabric is cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant, allowing for longer use of the plate carrier vest in tough environments before replacement. Manufacturability Centurion fabric comes as a rolled good, allowing for higher yields in manufacturing and a smaller footprint in warehouse storage. Centurion fabric is also easy to use on cutting tables. The ability to laser cut directly into Centurion fabric provides for less sewing, which reduces operational costs. Customization The integrity of Centurion fabric allows complicated cut-out designs for a multitude of customization options. Centurion fabric is available in a variety of colors, to match uniform aesthetics, or for stealth operations. Learn more about Centurion Composite Fabric
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