Spectra® Fiber Strengthens 745-Foot Vancouver Sculpture by World-Renowned Artist

Spectra® fiber strengthened the ropes used in a next-generation sculpture, Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks, by world-renowned artist Janet Echelman. The sculpture made its world premiere at the TED conference’s 30th anniversary in Vancouver, British Columbia earlier this year. While known for creating massive kinetic sculptures that respond to wind, light and sun, Echelman has never before created a sculpture of this size. The sculpture was presented with an original, interactive work created in collaboration with artist Aaron Koblin, Creative Director of the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab. Visitors were able to choreograph the lighting in real time using physical gestures on their mobile devices. “When I began planning for a sculpture of this size, I knew Spectra fiber would be a critical component in helping me achieve my artistic vision. The fiber gives my work the strength it needs, but allows me to create a structure that is light and delicate so that it moves with the wind.” – Janet Echelman

Photos by Ema Peter. Provided by Studio Echelman.